doctor tea

(1)What is a doctor tea

Dr. Tea is an ultimate weight loss remedy capable of helping you lose weight by up to 7 kg. Currently, very many people are struggling to be in the right figure and shape. If you are among them, all you need is Dr. Tea which has a unique combination of 100 percent natural herbs which have been processed using latest scientific methods while still adhering to ancient ayurveda wisdom and knowledge. So, if you really need to trim excess fat-and fast-try Dr Tea. It also eradicates harmful toxins thereby helping detoxify the body.

(2) How it work

The following is an explanation on how the various ingredients in Doctor Tea work;

Cyperus Rotundus-a flowering plant. The stems of its flowers are mostly used to eliminate pain. A natural pain relief, apart from being a fitness supplement, has some nutritional value hence provide some benefit to the dieter.

Sonti-used to tranquil the stomach, and just like in many other food supplements, its purpose is to avert nausea and ease the effect of stimulants on digestion.

Triphala Extract is essentially a cleansing ingredient- something we actually expect to get in a slimming tea. It forces waste and water out of the body, making you lose the weight associated with body fluid. In extreme situations, it forces food out of your body before all vitamins are absorbed into the body.

Valeriana Walichi-a sedative stimulant. It works like classic valerian root that is used to enhance sleep.

(3) how to use

Dip one sachet in a cup filled with 100 ml of hot water. Leave the solution for two to three minutes, and then shake well. For even better results, abstain from consuming milk and sugar while using Doctor Tea slimming tea. Use one sachet about half an hour before dinner and before lunch. Dr Tea has been proven to be effective right from the 1st day of using it; helping you to lose and /or change your obesity condition.

The slimming tea is perfect for people who are suffering from heaviness as well as body pain, and effectively introduces a light and energetic feeling. So, if you have always wanted to live a sound lifestyle, Dr. Tea is a product for you as it contains many types of minerals substances, vitamins, microelements and food fibers.

Dr Tea can, therefore, specifically decrease waistline, hipline and subcutaneous fat without altering the energy and absolutely no influence on your body health.

(4) how many time you get a result

Slimming tea stimulates your body’s natural digestion. It also naturally regulates appetite making it easier to eat the correct foods constantly and consistently. Since it contains no forbidden substances, and also has no side effect, Aryuveva Herbal Tea is totally safe. You are therefore bound to get positive results every time you use it having been described by users as a natural magnet that attracts fats. It aids in overall digestion besides inhibiting bad cholesterol while boosting good cholesterol.

Many of the people who have used doctor tea have praised it not only for its remarkable weight loss properties, but also for weight management capabilities. Sliming tea is undoubtedly a total fitness formula. There is no other better way to lose weight and burn fat other than using Dr. Tea IndiaTM

(5) Testimonial

All the clients who have used Dr. Tea have remarked positively on this slimming tea. This is a good indication that indeed Doctor Tea slimming product is effective. Below we sample a few of the many reviews of very happy clients.

Swaruppa Junawanne says: “Thank you Dr. Tea, you enabled me to lose 5kgs… ”

Ayush Sigh had this to say: “Yes, I used Dr. Tea.… within a very short time I had lost a whopping 6 kilograms. Guys, it really works”

Another user by the name Rohit Jain had the following to say, “Actually, Doctor Tea is very good for weight loss. Using it, I was able to lose 4 Kilos in one month”


The manufacture of Dr. Tea has been certified with GMP as it is manufactured under strict supervision of experienced panel of doctors with constant quality check. Doctor tea is, nevertheless, bound to work as a weight loss formula. Therefore, if you desire to lose weight in the shortest time possible, use Dr Tea-a tried a tested slimming tea.

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